You might say that Bohemian Caverns is for sale—piece by piece.

The final performances at the Caverns will take place this weekend. When they are complete, Omrao Brown and his partners (collectively known as Mahogany, LLC) will begin the process of liquidating their assets. Part of that will include selling off the furniture, instruments (the house keyboards and drum kit), and every other item within the property, right down to the microphones, stage lights, and tablecloths.

Everything, including the property at the ground-floor Tap and Parlour restaurant and second-/third-floor Liv Nightclub, will be featured in an online-only auction hosted by You can preview the items for sale at the club on Sunday, March 27. The auction will begin to close at 1:07 p.m. on Monday. By Wednesday at 5 p.m. the premises must be completely empty.

For fans of the club, this is a strange circumstance. There’s something unsettling about picking through the club’s belonging like a scavenger—and yet it’s also a last chance to have a memento of an important part of D.C. jazz.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery