This week, Aboveboard Productions released a trailer for East Coast Grow, a new comedy web series about D.C.’s marijuana industry. In the most shocking twist of all, it looks… kind of good? But District directors have a mixed track record when it comes to the quality of their home-grown web shows. Below, we run down some of the local offerings and who should watch them.

East Coast Grow

Synopsis: Mike tries to navigate the District’s legal pot infrastructure with a record while Tia manages a medical marijuana dispensary.

Who Should Watch It: Fans of Weeds and wonks who followed every twist and turn of Initiative 71’s implementation.

How Can I Watch It? East Coast Grow premieres April 16 at Edgewood Arts Center.


Synopsis: Hanibal Chancellor’s show “inspired by true stories” has everything: murder, intrigue, plotting, drug wars, and Anwan Glover.

Who Should Watch It: Fans of The Wire and Empire who get excited about local references.

How Can I Watch It? All episodes are available on YouTube. The season one finale is currently being filmed.

Cap South

Synopsis: A show about the ambitious millennials and awful politico types on the Hill because, really, there aren’t enough shows about that.

Who Should Watch It: House of Cards devotees who need something to fill the void until Districtland is online.

How Can I Watch It? Cap South’s one and only season is on YouTube.


Synopsis: A group of millennials bitch about their privilege.

Who Should Watch It: Millennials who love to bitch about their privilege and people who love to hate-watch millennials bitch about their privilege.

How Can I Watch It? TBA.

No Strings, Please

Synopsis: Charley Parker, “a skilled crocheter and martial artist” who recently graduated from college, has just moved to D.C. from Brooklyn for her first real job. It’s not an easy transition for Charley, who struggles to find her place in the city and a sense of self. Things get dark.

Who Should Watch It: Recent NYC-to-D.C. transplants who think everything is soooo much better in New York.

How Can I Watch It? The entire 10-episode series is available for your binge-watching pleasure on YouTube.


Synopsis: Anacostia is about, you guessed it, the lives of its characters who live in Anacostia. The show deals with everything from race and community relations, to more personal issues like poverty, domestic abuse, sexuality, religion, and substance abuse.

Who Should Watch It: Anyone who wants a real portrait of some of the daily struggles D.C. residents face.

How Can I Watch It? The first four seasons are up on YouTube; series creator and star Anthony Anderson is currently crowdfunding for the show’s fifth season.