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I’m really excited to launch “The Sexist” for many reasons—-I’m obsessed with this gender stuff, I love writing for the web, and I’m glad there’s now a place on the site for readers to fight out all their sexy issues without wading through too many Extremeskins trolls.

But the debut also marks the end of an arduous period of all-staff meetings dedicated to naming this fucking thing. In the meetings—-there were at least three—-CP staff convened to pun on a cornucopia of sex and gender terms, from “organ” to “orgasm,” “fishy” to “fallopian.” I challenge anyone to endure several minutes of their co-workers punning on their writing and the word “come” without falling ill.

“The Sexist” it is!

After the jump, the best of the also-rans:

Hess.T.D. The Sexecutive Branch B.I.L.F. Hess in the City State of Organ Dot.Come Sperm & Eggs Privates on Parade Ass Fish & Wildlife The Ball Buster Fucking