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For the discerning online dater, The Sexist delivers your daily picks of the Craigslist litter.


A: Unreported
S: m4w
L: “Around DC”

First Impression: Surprise visit. “There’s a knock at your door, you open it in a sexy outfit and it’s a The Computer Repair Guy.”

Accessories: Impressive software. “I come in and REALLY FIX your computer and then after i tell you how much, You cant seem to find your money or checkbook and you ask if you can cum up with another way of paying.”

Heart-to-Heart: Limited audience. “How did that sound as a good, FUN, HARMLESS Roleplay, Plus you’ll get your computer fixed for real. I’m a Professional, Computer Repair Tech and have been doing it for over 10 yrs. I have this fantasy that i would love to act out.”—-

Missed Connections: Tool Girl at Home Depot

A: Unreported.
S: m4w

First Impression: Home Depot improvement. “You-most incredible looking girl I have ever seen doing what? Instructing people how to use tools.”

Unintended Homoeroticism: Tools? “I love tools! My last girlfriend made fun of my array of tools but you……..you could tell me all about them, and sell me more!!!!!”

Heart-to-Heart: Tools. “Me: the guy in front of the hilti display watching you sell these two guys a shopping cart full of …….tools!”


Women Seeking Men: oops, I am REAL late to work

A: 23
S: w4m
L: Alexandria

First Impression: Maintains an air of mystery. “I was up late last night doing laundry (glamourous…I know! I wish I could have said “out late jetsetting from a night out I New York”, but nope…definitely just laundry), which delayed my morning run (I was thinking I need to attach my alarm clock to some sort of “bed shocking” thing, so when it goes off, my bed kicks me out of it), which in turn has delayed my arrival to work (mmmm, 11 AM), and since I’m already late, I figure….why not throw a posting up here, because I’m being SO productive today.”

In Brief: Read between the lines. “Essentially, I’m fantastic.”

Heart-to-Heart: Independent woman. “Oh, and an idea of something we could do together…I’m real bad at making plans/decisions. I prefer to let others do the planning, I just show up and having a good time 🙂 “