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The Sexist’s morning roundup of District chatter on sex, gender, and action figure wardrobes.

* The Sarah Palin action figure: Comes in original ($27.95), “School Girl” ($29.95) and “Super Hero” ($29.95) varieties. Shelling out the extra two bucks for School Girl or Super Hero means replacing a conservative pantsuit with some very short skirts.

* The New Gay debuted a new advice column yesterday, “What Would Summer Do?” The column, penned by CRACK variety show host Summer Camp. In the inaugural edition, Summer details a “Pull-Out Strategy” for a reader whose Dow is in the dumps.

* Obama college prof: Gay! [via The Blade]

* Slate‘s XX Factor calls for an end to Palinography.

* In this week’s Savage Love: Savage on an older dude’s teen bondage crisis and Bristol Palin‘s unexpected pregnancy:

Seventeen-year-old Bristol Palin got her ass knocked up five or so months ago by 18-year-old Levi Johnston. Among the hobbies listed on Levi’s since-yanked MySpace page—“fishing, shoot some shit, and just fuckin’ chillin’”—was this revealing tidbit: “I don’t want kids.” But Bristol, says her mom, “made the decision on her own to keep the baby,” and is now engaged to Levi “Shootin’ Shit” Johnston.

* McSweeney’s Internet Tendency invents “Fragments from Palin! The Musical“:

I hunt with a shotgun,
Not a musket or pistol.
I’m holding one now.
Will you marry my Bristol?

I’m an effing redneck, ma’am.
It says so on my MySpace page.
I’m not sure I can marry her,
Because, well, we’re both underage.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery