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* Local sex & dating blogger (and “Fucking Stupid” contributor) Roosh V has opened up a new forum. Topics include “Girls,” “Travel,” and “Everything Else.”

* The New Gay champions Conan O’Brien correspondent Triumph the Insult Comic Dog‘s Totally Gay For McCain campaign.

* Slate‘s Bill Gifford details the three-ring-circus surrounding a Palin rally:

I eventually find the end of the line and fall into conversation with the family that slides right in behind me: an auto parts dealer with his wife and two young kids. They drove an hour from Wilmington, Del., despite not having tickets. Like most of the crowd, they’re not here to see John McCain. They’re here for Sarah.

Gifford’s headline says it all: I went to a Sarah Palin rally, but all I got was a lousy handshake from John McCain.

* McSweeneys‘ lister Tominda Adkins has your “New Texting Acronyms for the Elderly.” My favorite: “ROFLACGU: Rolling on the floor laughing and can’t get up.”

Photo by Darrow Montgomery