For the discerning online dater, The Sexist‘s daily picks from the Craigslist litter.

Missed Connections: the bar at the black cat on wednesday night

A: 22
S: w4m
L: “black cat”

First Impression: Needle in a haystack. “i think we might have exchanged some glances last night at the bar downstairs at the black cat?”

Casual Cool: Can’t be bothered with capitalization; physical markers include “headband.”

Heart to Heart: Leaves intrusive come-ons for the morning after. “i was going to wink at you, but i’m pretty sure that’s something creeps do. so i didn’t.”

Strictly Platonic: Honest opinion about my stache

A: N/A
His face

First Impression: The jig is up. “So here’s whats going on. My company has been doing a mustache competition at the office and it ends tomorrow.”

Love is Blind: Links to survey to vote for the mustaches of Mark Dildine, Josh Frey, Daniel Zadoff, Tom McDougall, Joseph Roberts, or Drake Smyth; doesn’t identify self.

Heart to Heart: Seeking validation. “So far the voting seems pretty biased so, who better to answer than people on the internet.”


Strictly Platonic: Wanting A Wizard Friend in a Muggle World

A: 28
S: m4w
L: D.C., Maryland, and Virginia

First Impression: Straight to the point.”Love Harry Potter, science fiction and fantasy stories and films.”

Virtual Insanity: A tad naive. ” I was hoping to make some new friends and Craigslist seemed like as good a place as any.”

Heart to Heart: Worth repeating. “If you are into laid back, friendly, funny, nice guys for fun friendly moments I hope to hear from you.”