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‘Cause lookin’ cool ain’t easy.

Name: Richie Sugar

Age: 25

Residence: Columbia Heights

Occupation: Nonprofit work, planning the Martin Luther King Jr. memorial on the National Mall.

Spotted: 11 p.m; Asylum, 2471 18th St NW

Style Definition: “It’s personal,” says Sugar. “I’m against categorization of style. When people categorize themselves, they’re just sending themselves back in time to the middle school lunchroom.”

Hipster Giveaway: Sugar’s leg sports a permanent tattoo of a bike grease stain.

Thrift & Gift: Old soles. “My brother got them when he was on the sailing team in high school,” says Sugar of his boat shoe kicks. “He tried to throw them away, but I saved them. I’ve had to repair them many, many times with dental floss.”

Gender Bender: Sugar says he never wears women’s pieces. “It just never occurs to me to look in the women’s section,” he says. Still, Sugar’s not averse to sexing up his gender-specific attire. “This is a hot dog that appears to be ejaculating mustard,” says Sugar of the graphic on his “Battles” tour t-shirt.

Progressive Street Cred: “I’m a straight guy, but I love gay men,” says Sugar. “I absolutely love gay men.”