Pigeons in SW
Pigeons in SW

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* The Maryland Citizens for Responsible Government has responded to Montgomery County’s passage of a law which protects against discrimination on the basis of sexual identity. The organization, which hotly protested the bill, calls it an affront to “women’s rights.” From president Ruth Jacobs, M.D.:

The court’s ruling today is a loss for democracy, a loss for Montgomery County, and a loss for common sense. The average citizen wants to protect a woman’s right to privacy and safety. To that end, voters would have defeated this bill. The MCRG is considering a legal challenge to ensure that voters have the chance to be heard on this issue.

Also … the MCRG’s website is www.NotMyShower.net? [Via Pam’s House Blend].

* FakeSarahPalin on Twitter keeps churning out the ditzy Palin updates:


can anybody explain to me what the heck a nato is? Is it some kind of snow machine? from mobile web

Eh, I don’t really get the Palin-as-Cher-Horowitz joke. I’d much rather exploit the creepier aspects of Palin’s personality—-such as her history of calculated, power-grabbing lies and seeming Bionic Woman invincibility—-instead of this lipstick-on-an-idiot bit, which I don’t really think fits her. Still waiting for a Trig-as-Stewie-Griffin meme, though.

* Actually funny: Tina Fey debuts her Palin on SNL with a “Nonpartisan Message From Sarah Palin & Hillary Clinton.”

* In light of recent characterizations of Sarah Palin as a feminist, The Feminist Underground asks: Is every woman pro-woman? In the words of FakeSarahPalin—-like, duh:

A woman can enjoy the rights that women’s movements have gained for us without being interested in seeing those rights extended to women in general. A woman can be pro-self, but not be in favor of bettering the lives and opportunities of all women. Such a person is pro- a woman perhaps, but not pro-women.

* Via NYT: Chilean kids get down.

About 800 teenagers sway and bounce to lyrics imploring them to “Poncea! Poncea!”: make out with as many people as they can. . . .And make out they do — with stranger after stranger, vying for the honor of being known as the “ponceo,” the one who pairs up the most.

* And in animal reproductive news: In response to a rat infestation, a poster on the Adams Morgan listserv suggests preventing unwanted rat babies instead of killing them:

Just curious: instead of poison (which apparently isn’t working, has the risk of killing other animals, and, frankly, is a horrible way to die) has anyone considered some sort of birth control “rat treats”? I know this approach has been used on deer populations (tho’ I’m not sure to what success). Just a thought.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery.