* A gay bar in Galveston, Texas was the first watering hole to reopen after Ike’s Saturday downpour, providing shelter for “gays, straights, anyone who needs a place to drink and find comfort”:

As Galveston told its remaining residents on Monday to leave the Texas island devastated by Hurricane Ike, Robert’s Lafitte, a gay bar, was planning a pre-curfew drag show and Tina Turner sing-along … Tina Turner is the artist of choice at the bar, given that she survived another Ike — her abusive husband Ike Turner.

* Joanna Pearson laments her date googling habits in Washington, D.C. for NYT’s “Modern Love,” while Jezebel‘s Megan readily owns up to the practice. Megan writes that since she blogs frankly and frequently online, “it is so easy, and so very, very tempting to read about me to figure out what my deal is,” so it’s only fair that she be able to snoop out Internet tidbits on her potential significant other, too. Sure, it’s fair, but isn’t it all very boring?

* For those who prefer to wear their political leanings on their chests, a new Feministing t-shirt: “A woman candidate is not the same thing as a woman’s candidate.”

* Also from Feministing, a review of our closest “feminist sex shop,” Baltimore’s Sugar. Sugar is “lesbian owned, women and trans operated” and targeted at “people of all genders and orientations.” Writes D.C.-based reviewer Miriam:

Some positive (and different!) aspects about Sugar that I noticed. They sell binders, which are an item of clothing used by trans and gender non-conforming people to bind or flatten their breasts. This is the first place I have ever seen that sells these binders, which can usually only be purchased online. The staff were also super knowledgeable about them and even let customers try them on! They also have a great vibrator selection, a book of DVDs and a large lube collection. Oh, and the first Friday of every month they have a fabulous party at the store. Sex toys and booze? Sounds like heaven to me.

Interested? Miriam notes that Sugar has plans to open a D.C. location soon.

* Feministe writes on the possibility of the government requiring female immigrants to receive a Gardasil before entering the country. Gardasil protects against several strains of HPV, a sexually transmitted disease which can cause cervical cancer and has no cure. Feministe’s Jill describes the idea as “unnecessary,” “frightening,” and “shamelessly xenophobic.”

immigrant women and women of color in the United States have long been used as test subjects for experimental medications and treatments, especially in the reproductive area … ardasil is expensive, and requiring it means that immigrants of a certain income level will have a much easier time meeting American health requirements than lower-income immigrants. It puts more barriers in the way of women and families seeking to live in the U.S., and has a disproportionately negative impact on immigrants who are coming from difficult financial situations — immigrants who are less “desirable” to the current political administration.