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The G-Scene, a gossip and photo blog focusing on the sexual and alcoholic exploits of George Washington University students, is back to school after a summer hiatus. The blog, which bills itself as “GW’s Black Book,” was launched last semester by students Josh Sasouness, Torrey Ripinsky, and David Spier (Full disclosure: As a G.W. student, I personally delivered Spier’slaundry to his Freshman dorm while working for the Soapy Joe’s laundry delivery service).

Yesterday, an unidentified G-Scene writer posted a long, rambling summer gossip recap filled with blind items about the big men and women on G.W.U.’s campus. The writer identified the offending students by hair color, sorority house, father’s profession, cocaine habit, weight gain, and proclivity for date rape. Juicy bits about the semi-anonymous students include being “forced to withdraw from school,” having a “Napoleon complex,” and being unable to “get laid in Thurston, supposedly the 2nd most sexually active dorm in the country.” One student was lauded with “nail[ing] two girls way out of his league”; another was accused of “smil[ing] at you with those same big, innocent eyes when she knowingly slept with your boyfriend last night.” The post also offered Fall semester predictions, including: “two psychos will fight over their mutual ex-lover, preventing him from as much as glancing at another girl.”

The 519-word post, impressively “Sent from [a] Verizon Wireless BlackBerry,” has since been removed from the site. The original title: “Where, oh where, has the G Scene gone?”

Where indeed?