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Polit Tsk Tsk Tsk has created the best Palin meme yet: The Sarah Palin Baby Name Generator. Apparently, it’s been pretty successful; though the generator was launched just last week, The blog’s tagline has already  switched to “Scandal from the creator of the Sarah Palin Baby Name Generator.”

Typically, I’m averse to encouraging procreation-related activities not involving sex. But I’ll make an exception for Palin: While I think she’s a terrible candidate, she has consistently refused to compromise her career goals in order to accommodate her (impressive!) reproductive activities. For that, I salute her by wasting time wondering what she would name us all!

The Sexist: Guzzle Red Palin Barack Obama: Tarp Lazer Palin Juno MacGuff: Ripper Shook Palin Tina Fey: Buster Taint Palin

Curiously, if Bristol Palin were born to Sarah Palin, her name would be Quarter Granite Palin. And if Sarah Palin were born to herself, she’d be Flack Gobbler Palin.