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Posted last week on Web question-and-answer community Blurtit.com:

My Husband Fell Asleep With Rubber Bands Around His Testicles For 4 Hours, Will They Have To Remove Them?We were fooling around and we both fell asleep, I think they are dead, we took them off but they are cold should I take him to the ER.

*wide eyed, open-mouthed, in shock*  OMG!!! I cannot believe you put rubber bands around them. I can’t believe he was comfortable enough to fall asleep with them on. Take him to the ER immediately!! Why are you even on here? GO!! This must be the craziest thing I’ve ever heard. I can barely even bring myself to TOUCH my husband’s, as I know how sensitive they are, let alone put RUBBER BANDS around them. I am in total shock…
[answered 5 days ago]

[comment made by Kim3557 4 days ago]: I’m sorry to say ,but they did have to remove them