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The inspiration for Dupont Circle resident Jeremy Trylch’s new D.C.-based web series came in the hot, steamy contents of a stove-warmed tortilla.

“In January of last year, I was eating a chicken quesadilla and thinking about camgirls, as I often do,” says Trylch, a 36-year-old writer and cameraman. “You always hear about scandals where guys get involved with these girls, but I thought—-as I was eating—-I started thinking of it from the other point of view: the camgirls who get involved with those guys.”

Long after the quesadilla was consumed, the camgirls stuck with Trylch. Soon, he had recruited three writer friends from Johns Hopkins; together, they began hammering out a storyline about online strip-teasers and the bureaucrats who love them. The show, called “Dirty4U,” centers around the online and real-life exploits of five twenty-something District archetypes: Craig, the Hill staffer; McKenzie, the secret camgirl; Jonto, the armchair misogynist; Ashley, the goth; and Neville, the scandal-hunting journalist.

“This story couldn’t be told anywhere else. It’s purely D.C.,” says Trylch of his sex scandal series. “Nowhere else do you have the mix of morals that you find here. On one side, you have a group of people who come here as idealists, and on the other side, you have people just trying to survive, who are trying to make a dollar to be a part of that high-priced lifestyle.”

Count Trylch and company in the ‘idealist’ camp. “This is the greatest plan to not get rich quick,” says Trylch. “Or at all.” The team wrote the show over the course of last year under less-than-glamorous conditions: “We had these meetings in the middle of the night when our families were sleeping,” says Trylch. Some days were better than others: “There’s also a pool at my building,” says Trylch. “Sometimes we would meet at the pool.” In addition to penning the script, Trylch also gathered a local cast and crew—-including director T.H. “Stone” Lyons—-and recruited local indie rockers Exit Clovto compose the theme song, “Game Over.”

Trylch hopes the free web series will appeal to both Washington insiders and outsider voyeurs interested in seeing a personal side of below-the-Beltway scandals. “The East Coast is a very different culture than middle America,” says Trylch. “People think it’s sleaze, that it’s Hollywood East, Hollywood for ugly people.” At the same time, “politicians are extremely repressed, because they have the same private desires and activities as anyone, but they live completely in the public eye,” he says. “In Washington, it’s ‘Breaking News: Senator Had Sex.’”

During the show’s production, Trylch and company found inspiration in D.C.’s real-life sex scandals, from Larry Craig’s bathroom visits to Eliot Spitzer’s Mayflower rendezvous to John Edwards’ Rielle Hunter affair. “Those really pushed us to continue on with the project,” says Trylch. “We kept saying, ‘See! See! It’s not that absurd!’”

Still, Dirty4U’s online sexploits will likely prove a bit tamer than D.C.’s non-fiction affairs. “That is probably going to be the let down,” admits Trylch. “[The characters] don’t really do anything that sexy in the show. It’s an edgy romantic comedy. There’s no sex or nudity.”

The PG-13-level webisodes will be available at dirty4u.org beginning Friday, October 3. Trylch originally sought out a different URL, dirty4u.com—-but found it had already been filled with more explicit content. “Be sure not to go to dirty4u.com, because that’s actually a porn site,” advised Trylch in an e-mail. “We knew we were spot-on, but that’s a little close for comfort.” Still, Dirty4U’s crew has invented a new catchphrase to help spice up their staid .org tag: “The .org stands for orgasm.”

“Dirty4U” will consist of 24 to 25 five-to-seven minute webisodes which will be released each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, from October 3 until November 21.

Photos, from left: Melissa McConnell as McKenzie; Devin Rumer as Craig; Christina Borders as Ashley.