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For the discerning online dater, daily picks from the Craigslist litter.

Misc. Romance: Cougar needed for Boy-Toy: ARE YOU HER??

A: Cougar
S: m4w
L: “Erotic-ville”

First Impression: Cougar 4 cougar. “I need to find MY replacement for my BOY-TOY to play with…. I am a married older lady (over 55 and yes…a Cougar) who has been visiting the DC area off and on over the past 2 years. In the process I found a BOY-TOY who is just an absolute joy to know and get close with.”

Close Comforts: If you love him, set him free. “Unfortunately, I will not be able to visit DC for at least the next 2-3 years. . . . To understand what kind of man he is, he offered to wait for me, but I cannot stand the thought of him being lonely and frustrated for the next 2-3 years, so I said no.”

Heart to Heart: Surprise party. “(HE DOES NOT KNOW I AM POSTING THIS!!!!)”


Misc. Romance: Coeds-Wax/Nair Generous WM from Neck Down

A: Unreported
S: m4w
L: Unreported

First Impression: Charity case. “Generous WM desires to receive total depillation from toes to chin in your girls dormitory or sorority house.”

Rush Week: Hazing welcomed. “Bonus for other torments or humiliations.”

Heart to Heart: Nothing personal. “My wishes would be that any girls who want to watch can but that I am masked for any photos or videos.”


Strictly Platonic: I will teach you Math/Science and you teach me …

A: 32

First Impression: Wants your digits. “I am passionate about Maths and Physics.”

Personal Kink: Feel his pain. “Now my work does not use of any these and I beginning to forget which is painful to me. So I want to find somebody whom I can teach these things to.”

Heart to Heart: Despite creepy ellipses in title, not I.S.O. dominatrix. “In return it will be awesome if you can teach me a your language which hopefully is not English. For example any Asian language or Spanish or European language. That will be fun!”