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For the discerning online dater, daily picks from the Craigslist litter.

Missed Connections: Thank you, mature woman in my yoga class

A: 30
S: m4w
L: Takoma Park

First Impression: Body over mind. “Spirituality awakening is great and all, but you awaken other parts of me that in the very short term, feel much better than spirituality.”

Coy Glances: A stretch of the imagination. “Pardon my forwardness, but this is an anonymous post which I assume you will never read, so I must say: I have never had a boner in yoga class. Until yesterday.”

Heart to Heart: Take a bow. “Yoga usually makes me more limber. But thank you, beautiful mature woman, for leaving me stiffer. . . . Namaste.”



A: 41
S: w4w
L: Reston, Va.

First Impression: Carrie seeks Samantha. “I am still fairly new to the area and I’m seriously in need of meeting and making a few females friends to hang out with and have fun together. Just like in the T.V. show ‘Sex in the City.'”

Must Have Hobbies: Reston is no Manhattan. “Hopefully I can meet a few women around my age for friendship to go out dancing, bowling, karaoke, movies, happy hour and whatever else there is to do that is fun and will keep me off the couch.”

Heart to Heart: Sometimes, likes the couch. “by the way…I still have not seen the movie.”


Misc. Romance: Sorority Keyholders For Male In Chastity Device

A: Unreported
S: m4w
L: Unreported

First Impression: A dreamer. “I am a submissive male who would like to pay a local sorority house to serve as keyholders for the keys to my locking chastity device.”

No Time To Talk: Just google it. “If you’re not familiar with this practice, just enter “keyholder” and “chastity” in your search engine.”

Heart to Heart: Will hold keys for beer. “I would pay a modest monthly fee but it would probably be enough to cover a monthly party for the house.”