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* Jezebel debunks the debunkers of the rumors facts of Palin’s rape kit debacle.

* Meghan McCain at McCain Blogette has posted another election playlist. McCain writes that she creates “playlists for almost every interesting experience,” but doesn’t identify exactly what that interesting experience is this time. What could the combination of David Bowie‘s “Golden Years,” Joan Jett‘s “Bad Reputation,” and Lady GaGa‘s (?) “Beautiful, Dirty, Rich” be referring to? Whatever, I’m digging it.

* ViaThe Nation: A pastor protects Sarah Palin against “the spirit of witchcraft” in 2005. Go to the video’s 7:30 mark to watch Palin get de-witched.

* Feminist fiction writer Chimamanda Adichi wins the intellectual lottery—-she gets $100,000 a year for five years and gets the nickname “genius.” [via Feminist Daily News].

* David Levinson Wilk for Politico reports on the domination of “OBAMA” and “BIDEN” clues in the New York Times‘ crossword. “MCCAIN” has never appeared. As for McCain’s Veep: “Like a cruel joke, PALIN has appeared dozens of times as an answer in the crossword grids of the nation’s most esteemed news publications—-but always with clues such as ‘Monty Python member’ or ‘Cohort of Cleese and Idle.’ It’s pretty obvious: The left-wing media elite is mocking her. For shame!”

* Via Feministing: Tuesday was bisexuality day. Whoops, see you next year.

Photo by dumbonyc.