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* From the Feminist Daily News: Abortions are at an all-time low since Roe v. Wade, according to a Guttmacher Institute report. The demographics have also shifted: The report indicates that “abortion rates have declined among white women and teenagers, but have increased among women of color and older women.”

* Like the mighty cockroach, the hipster will survive the recession by adapting herself to a lifestyle of poverty, shitty beer, and sexual fatalism. “They stagger from one damaged “relationship” to the next, hoping to make it safely to a negotiable monogamy made comfortable by the weight of both partners’ baggage,” writes James Paoulos of Culture 11. Take that, Adbusters!

* Jezebel reviews Gwenyth Paltrow’s new website, actually, really, truly called “GOOP.” Uh, they don’t like it:

Gwyneth Paltrow was born to incredibly wealthy parents, given every advantage possible, got her first acting gig because her mother is acclaimed star Blythe Danner, shows a regularly snobbish disdain for Americans, and yet is purporting to tell us how to live our lives? Not to mention the fact that the economy is in the shitter and maybe, just maybe, the average woman doesn’t really want to hear from Gwyneth that her “life is good because I am not passive about it.”

* “A Little Lingerie Company, LLC” offers up your very own Cell Phone Garter: “Made of luxurious velvet, the elasticized band slides on comfortably for a smooth, seductive fit.” Ring-ring!

Photo of hipster in natural environment by Joel Bedford.