Once in a while, Fishbowl D.C. really bros out on us. Every year, we all must endure the Hottest Media Types contest and the shameless self-promotion surrounding it. But nearly each and every week, we fight another silent, creeping bro-dom from the Web site: The Fishbowl D.C. Photo Caption Contest.

This week’s contest was true to form: It featured a photo of President Bush appearing to prepare to slap the ass of a member of the U.S. Women’s Beach Volleyball Team, then asked readers to create a funny caption to illustrate the visual. (Note: This is at least the second in Fishbowl’s ass-slapping-themed photo series). These were the finalists:

“Now that’s what I call a weapon of mass destruction!” was the best D.C. media could do. Do we have only ourselves to blame? Or is there simply no way to resist the groan-inducing, frat-ready punchline when presented with month-and-a-half-old Presidential bikini shots and homosocial baseball embraces?