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* Local transgender America’s Next Top Model contestant Isis King tells the NY Post about her future goals: “[Gender reassignment surgery] is still something I need to do. Financially I haven’t saved up more money since the show. And because I haven’t been working, I’ve been living off my savings. But hopefully the jobs will come soon because that will make it easier to save and finally have my surgery. It’s still at the top of my goals, the very top.”

* Yesterday’s Washington Post date lab, attached Michaeleen plays games with single Steve. “I never did the whole date-lots-of-people thing when I was younger. The man I am seeing is out of town, so he doesn’t know about Date Lab,” says Michaeleen. “I am going to tell [him]. I do believe in being honest and up front.” Two weeks later, Michaeleen’s boyfriend was still in the dark about Michaeleen’s WaPo-funded dinner date. Until now!

* Once but a blog, now a full-fledged ‘zine: The second issue of local fashion/lifestyle magazine panda head is available today.

* Brightest Young Things on last week’s All-City Air Guitar Competition at Wonderland: Fenders replaced with cut-off shorts, DIO shirts, and tighty-whities.

* Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds make it official in a Canadian wedding.

* Tina Fey reprises her role as Sarah Palin on “Saturday Night Live”; Amy Poehler takes on Katie Couric: