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* Naked Sarah Palin portrait in Chicago dive bar (that’s her on the right, with gun, moose, and, err, rug).

It gets weirder, reports the Windy Citizen: Painter Bruce Elliot used his own daughter as a nude model for the piece. “My daughter is a heck of a stand-in for Sarah Palin,” Elliot told the pub. “She can even do the voice.” Dad, you are so embarrassing.

* It looks like the titular blogger of “Confessions of a College Call Girl” is closing her little black blog:

I’m tired of talking about whoring—-at some point reliving these stories becomes less about healing and more about playing with fire, dipping my toe into the quicksand. I’m not sure if my life is interesting enough these days to write about; it’s a tribute to how much writing this blog has helped me that I’m mostly sane and boring today.

She does tell “one last” story. There’s lots of fucking.

* Jezebel‘s Megan Carpentier responds to yesterday’s Jezebel-referencing post in The Times titled, “Women have so many don’ts. What’s a guy to do?” Writes Carpentier:

The difficulty with all the post-feminist whining about how women have “rules” that change that men don’t know how to follow is that it continues to be a failure to recognize that women are all different, just as all dudes are different. . . . And — this might be shocking — there was no halcyon time when women all wanted the same thing any more than there was one when men did.