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* From New York Magazine: An awesome conversation between NY Mag, 35-year-old poet-filmmaker-activistSuheir Hammad, and 74-year-old greatest-living-feminist Gloria Steinem about how the lives of women have changed—-and what they see as the future of feminism. “There is no ‘postfeminism,'” says Steinem. “That’s like saying post-democracy.”

* Feministing asks about the “generational differences . . . in how women experience sexism.” From a commenter:

If, for some Boomer women, Obama’s win over Hillary represents the guy they lost the promotion to, Palin’s selection plays the same role for Gen X women. We’ve seen it: first the incompetent yet babelicious woman is promoted over her head, then the boss orders the attention of the entire team/department/etc. to focus on ensuring that “we” shield her from “mistakes” (or worse, we get blamed for her mistakes). Palin reminds us of when we got screwed by this sort of bullshit. And it shows in voters’ response to her.

* Jezebel‘s TraciSlut MachineEgan gets mad at Tyra guests for making her agree with Tyra. The culprit: straight women who make out with other women in bars to get attention, free drinks.

* Via BoingBoing: A child’s Superman pillow that’s more blow-up doll than Man-of-Steel. The tagline? “Turn Your Pillow Into The Biggest Toy Ever.”

* Sarah Palin‘s words as poetry, compiled by Slate contributorHart Seeley:

“On Reporters”

It’s funny that
A comment like that
Was kinda made to,
I don’t know,
You know …


Seeley’s even found a Palin AIG haiku! Now that’s what I call repurposing content!

Photo by Zach Klein