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Good morning, Washington. Your sex & gender links of the day:

* Jezebel considers telling off Columbus Day.

* How did big tobacco make smoking acceptable for women? It got cozy with women’s lib, writes Jennifer 8. Lee for the New York Times:

Recognizing that women were still riding high on the suffrage movement, [American Tobacco Company P.R. dude] Mr. Bernays used the equality angle as the basis for his new campaign. He convinced a number of genteel women, including his own secretary, to march in the 1929 Easter Day parade down Fifth Avenue and light up cigarettes in a defiant show of their liberation.

* Internet nerds plan nerd union with Twitter engagement. Nerds. [via Boing Boing].

* How long must you date IRL before txt breakups become uncouth? From This Recording, In Which You Autocomplete Me, by a Georgia Hardstark.

* The raddest 106-year-old Roman nun is voting for the first time since Eisenhower. Which whippersnapper does she support?

* A couple of breeders who cannot, themselves, breed tell homosexuals why same-sex marriage is unnatural: “Patricia and Wesley Galloway could not have children of their own. Yet for them, the essence of marriage is rooted in procreation,” write Ray Rivera and Christine Stewart for the New York Times.

NYT covers this angle—-opposing gay marriage for biology, not religion—-as if it’s a new trend, when homosexuals (women, non-gender conforming individuals, minorities of any kind) everywhere know this “nature” bullshit has always been used to perpetuate institutionalized discrimination even among the non-religious. It’s just a hop and a skip from “it’s just not how God made us” to “it’s just not how nature intended.” Laments Ms. Galloway, “Everyone who disagrees is automatically labeled a right-wing bigot.” Adds Mr. Galloway, “How can you be a bigot when you’re looking out for society as a whole?” Thanks, Mr. & Ms., for showing us two bigots who defy the odds to manage that just fine.

Oh, and let’s add some misogyny in there for good measure: “Mr. Galloway, whose father died when he was 3, said being raised solely by women—-his mother and his aunts—-hindered his development and altered his sense of self-worth.” Hi, mom!

* Donna Fish is tired of people telling her she can’t be a little bit pregnant when she’s had an embryo implanted invitro and she’s waiting to see if it turns into a real live baby, because apparently people tell her she can’t say she’s a little bit pregnant or she wouldn’t have written this blog post about the new trend of being a little bit pregnant. How about being a little bit baby crazy?:

For six years, my husband and I lost seven babies. Two of them in the sixth month, five in the first trimester. We tried everything. Doctors could offer us no further options, so we turned to adoption. One evening I threw caution to the wind and became pregnant. For reasons no doctor to this day can understand, my first daughter was born nine months later. My subsequent two pregnancies were also uneventful and lo and behold, we have our three daughters.

Attn. Mr. & Ms. Galloway: Some people are so into nature they only turn to adoption after losing their seventh baby, and the miracle of nature rewards them with three healthy pregnancies. Who really deserves to be married now?