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* Evil Slutopia finds this sweet Joe Biden cupcake, via my.barackobama.com.

* Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin have got nothin’ on this lady: She advocated for sexual freedom, wore tons of booty ruffles, and ran for president back when most women couldn’t even vote. Plus, she was clairvoyant! NPR’s “All Things Consideredlooks back at the first female to run for president, Victoria Woodhull.

* Esquire names Halle Berry the “Sexiest Woman Alive” (no quibbles), “re-enacts” famous Bill Clinton cover with Berry sitting in for Bubba (minor quibble: whither the pants, shirt of Clintonian era?)

* Beware the rogue knitted tree trunk. Outsapop names a new trend in the world of craft: Knitgraffiti.

* For some reason, infoplease wants to know which famous politician you’d want to adopt your children if you died: “Which of these political couples would you select as guardians for your child/children in the event something happened to you and your spouse or partner?”

Because in the event of your death, Joe and Jill Biden, John and Cindy McCain, Barack and Michelle Obama, and First Dude and Sarah Palin will definitely not have anything better to do but raise a stranger’s children. (Yeah, yeah, you can vote here). Current results:

Barack & Michelle Obama 36%
Todd & Sarah Palin 32%
Joe & Jill Biden 17%
John & Cindy McCain 16%
Total votes cast: 3047