* Get click-happy to find out what a Palin presidency would be like in this charming illustrated web game. (Hint: Think oil rigs, dinosaurs, and hellfire. And be sure to pick up the red phone).

* Comedy Central has a preview of David Alan Grier‘s new show, Chocolate News. On Barack Obama: “Just vote for the white half,” Grier advises reluctant Caucasians. “The Republicans have an ex-prisoner whose running mate is a heat-packing mama of five with a knocked-up babymama. And that’s the white option? Oh, hell no.”

* The New Gay recaps Austin City Limits.

* Via Feminist Daily News: The Women’s Ordination Conference hit Rome yesterday to encourage the Catholic Church to allow women to “serve as bishops, deacons and priests and to increase women’s representation in the ‘Synod of Bishops.'”

* Time magazine tests out Google’s new drunk e-mail protector. It does little to protect against two bottles of wine and a little self-destructive willpower:

1:37 a.m. I drink some more wine and try to tell a friend that his hipster arm tattoo is going to look ridiculous when he gets older, but I can’t type the words correctly and I get stumped on 517-139. I keep forgetting to carry the numbers. “Water and bed for you,” says Mail Goggles, but then it lets me try again. And again. My insult succeeds on the third try.

Photo by pudgeefeet.