Don’t enough beautiful young people support Barack Obama? That’s like his thing, right? I do not know because I am too old to play a young person on national television. So don’t take my word for it—-take it from real-life fake young people Blake Lively (20) and Penn Badgley (22), whom you I may recognize from Gossip Girl’s central on-again, off-again class-war couple Serena (beautiful, loaded) and Dan (sensitive, from Brooklyn). Recently, the duo filmed a “youth oriented” anti-McCain drug PSA spoof for with a bunch of other young people whom I do not immediately recognize from a delightfully campy CW television program. Dan and Serena earn their community service hours on this one, but the highlight is the hallmark drug scare video echo on the line, “You’re not only risking your future, you’re risking mine.”