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* Amazing story from NPR about an Iraqi woman from Fallujah who makes good—-then not so good—-in the United States. Includes:

– Daring escape from abusive brother
– Illicit Marine base love affair
– Booze-fueled Ozark, Mo. marriage
– Tattoo rings
– Last-ditch job as topless dancer
– Husband’s post-traumatic stress disorder
– Arrest for child abuse

* Will Barack Obama come in at the buzzer to upstage Palin’s SNL appearance on the Saturday before Election Day?

* Evil Slutopia reminds you that the rest of SNL still sucks:

We had actually been raving about SNL lately, because of the puregenius they’ve been coming up with consistently regarding the election. But we had been watching those sketches online for the most part, missing all of the really shitty stuff in between.

*New The New Gay “Lefthanded Lesbians” comic strip: How many lesbians does it take to change a lightbulb?

* Things over at Roissy in D.C. get political. Dropping “Bill Ayers” in da club: Not getting anyone laid since 1969.

* Photo byNCinDC