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The Manliest Workplace in D.C. tournament, in which we rate local businesses based on the man factor of their org charts, kicks off today. Check out our online bracket for all 64 workplaces that will be competing in the coming weeks. We’re starting with the media bracket this week, culling top jobs from editorial, advertising, and production floors. And now, for our first media match-up: Who’s manlier, the Washington Times or the Washingtonian?

And they’re off!

THE WASHINGTON TIMES: Founded by the Rev. Sun Myung Moon in 1982, the paper is a rare conservative beacon in a town of dirty liberals. But are they manly conservatives, or mere equal-opportunity ones? Let’s go to the org chart!

Chairman of the BoardDouglas D.M. Joo(Male, 10 points)
President and PublisherThomas P. McDevitt (Male, 9 points)
Executive Editor John Solomon (Male, 8 points)
Chief Financial OfficerKeith Cooperridedr(Male,7 points)
Associate PublisherRichard H. Amberg Jr. (Male, 6 points)
V.P., Sales & MarketingRandall S. Brant (Male, 5 points)
V.P., Strategic DevelopmentFrank Grow (Male, 4 points)
V.P., Human ResourcesSonya R. Jenkins (Female, ZERO)
Managing Editor-PrintDavid Jones (Male, 2 points)
Managing Editor-Digital Jefrrey H. Birnbaum (Male, 1 points)

Well, well, well. Look at who has all the boldy names on the masthead! (Excepting you, Sonya R. Jenkins, brave Vice President of Human Resources). The Washington Times comes out fighting on opening day with an impressive score of 52 out of 55 on the manly index (very manly). In 2002, Rev. Moon announced (in Korean) that WaTi is “responsible to let the American people know about God.” Shout it from the hilltops, staffers: The God of Washington Times is a 94.5 percent manly God.


WASHINGTONIAN MAGAZINE: D.C.’s lifestyle monthly is always there to help you in all aspects of Washington livin’, from judging your “sidewalk style” to testing your bridal etiquette. But are these stylish ‘zillas the bride or the groom type? Let’s take a look, shall we?

Chairman Eleanor Merrill (Female, ZERO)
President & Publisher Catherine M. Williams (Female, ZERO)
Editor John A. Limpert (Male, 8 points)
Design Director Eileen OTousa Crowson (Female, ZERO)
Advertising Director Edward P. Mansfield Jr. (Male, 6 points)
Production Director Margaret Dooley (Female, ZERO)
Online Ed. Director Catherine Andrews (Female, ZERO)
Senior Editor Sherri Dalphonse (Female, ZERO)
Senior Editor Ken DeCell (Male, 2 points)
Senior Managing Editor William O’Sullivan (Male, 1 point)

That stings! Sure, few pubs would stand a chance against the manpower of the Washington Times—-that’s why the paper was predicted a one seed, and the Washingtonian a lowly eight. Still, with only 17 points out of 55, Washingtonian Magazine is only 30% manly (hardly manly at all). Looks like the Washingtonian is out of the race early this year, but they have managed to record six parting blows in our …

GLASS CEILING CRACK COUNT! Where we record how many high-powered Washington women are chipping away at that pesky invisible promotion-killer.

Six women in the upper echelons of Washington Magazine and one at the Washington Times brings our glass ceiling crack count up to——SEVEN!

Tune in tomorrow, when four-seed Congressional Quarterly takes on the five-seed Washington Post!

UPDATE: A reader informed me that I initially looked over Washington Times Executive Editor John Solomon—a very important man—-on the paper’s org chart. Well, he’s back in the game, and WaTi is manlier than ever!