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The Washington Times (manlier than Washingtonian!) announced today’s opening of Chantilly’s newest pharmacy:  The Divine Mercy Care Pharmacy. But unlike other local pharmacies such as CVS and Rite-Aid, the DMC pharmacy caters specifically to the pro-life set. “[T]here will be no birth-control pills, condoms, cigarettes or pornographic magazines” at DMC, writes Times reporter Julia Duin. “There will, however, be booklets on natural family planning.”

The executive directorof Divine Mercy Care, Robert Laird, notes that the absent items won’t affect the DMC’s mission of “Bringing the Healing Presence of Christ through Healthcare” because, well, “Birth control is not health care.” Cigarettes and porn mags: also not health care.

Laird added that the pharmacy will be “catering to a special niche of people who like the pro-life message in their business.” Laird says the DMC will neither fill a birth control prescription nor direct customers to another pharmacy that might help them.

The Post wrote its own story about the pharmacy back in June.