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* Best Week Ever has the silliest of silly pet costumes (Cheerleader Dog, pictured). Personal favorite: Redneck Dog with fake foam beer belly.

* Julia Lapidos for Slate informs readers of how to follow Joe Biden‘s advice to “gird your loins.” (Hint: This plan does not incorporate your genitals). Learn more in “Loin-Girding 101.”

* Via Funny or Die: Rashida Jones (of The Office) andNatalie Portman (of everything) have an answer to the financial crisis.

* Obama Girl is back. This time she’s hyping a fake video game president. Yawn.

* GWU student blog The Colonialist analyzes the lyrics to Britney Spears’ new single, “Womanizer,” which the CW’s Gossip Girl has adopted as the unofficial theme song of its resident ascot-wearing attempted rapist, Chuck Bass. All of which is by way of saying: I love Chuck Bass.