The media bracket man-off continues today as American-language daily USA TODAY takes on Spanish-language weekly El Pregonero. The winner of this contest will go on to face the impressively manly Washington Times in the second round. Check out the rest of this week’s Manliest Workplace Tournament action: Washington Times Vs. Washingtonian and Washington Post Vs. Congressional Quarterly. Review the entire 64-workplace bracket here.

USA TODAY: USA TODAY is as pro-America as you can get for a newspaper based out of the non-real-Virginia city of McLean. “USA TODAY hopes to serve as a forum for better understanding and unity to help make the USA truly one nation,” reads the daily quote from founder Alan Neuharth on the paper’s editorial page. But how pro-man is it? Let’s find out!

President and Publisher Craig Moon (Male, 10 points)Editor Ken Paulson (Male, 9 points)Executive Editor John Hillkirk (Male, 8 points)Editor, Editorial Page, Brian Gallagher (Male, 7 points)Senior VP Advertising Brett Wilson (Male, 6 points)Senior VPCirculation Larry Lindquist (Male, 5 points)Senior VP and Publisher, Jeff Webber (Male, 4 points)Senior VP Marketing Susan Lavington (Female, ZERO)
News Managing Editor Carol Stevens (Female, ZERO)Money Managing Editor Jim Henderson (Male, 1 point)

USA! USA! With an impressive score of 50 out of 55 on the manly index, USA TODAY yields a very manly mancentage of 90.9%.


EL PREGONERO: As D.C.’s oldest Spanish-language paper, El Pregonero is a local news authority for the District’s Hispanic community. But El Preg itself has the support of a higher authority; the weekly is administered by the Carroll Publishing Company, which also turns out The Catholic Standard and serves as a mouthpiece for the local Catholic church, the Archdiocese of Washington. Good thing, too: As El Pregonero‘s list of “Important People” yields only four names, I’ve beefed up the rest of the org chart with Archdiocese higher-ups.

General Manager Tom Schmidt (Male, 10 points)
Editor Rafael Roncal (Male, 9 points)
Circulation Manager Irieska Gutierrez (Female, ZERO)
Advertising Sales Manager Francisco Vega (Male, 7 points)
Archbishop of Washington Donald W. Wuerl (Male, 6 points)
Secretary to the Archbishop Rev. Adam Park (Male, 5 points)
Archbishop Emeritus of Washington Cardinal Theodore McCarrick (Male, 4 points)
Moderator of the Curia and Vicar for Administration: Rev. Msgr. Barry Knestout (Male, 3 points)
Auxiliary Bishop/Vicar General Most Rev. Francisco Gonzalez (Male, 2 points)
Auxiliary Bishop Most Rev. Martin D. Holley (Male, 1 point)

Lord have mercy! El Pregonero and Catholicism team up to score an impressive 48 on the Manly Index. That’s a solid 87 percent manliness, or a B-plus for those tuning in from divinity school. But all the Auxiliary Bishops in the world can’t steal USA TODAY‘s thunder; the daily edges ’em out by only two points to go on to face the Washington Times in round two.


GLASS CEILING CRACK COUNT: Gutierrez, Stevens, and Lavington knock three more cracks in D.C.’s very own glass ceiling, bringing the current count to 15 women out of 60 positions surveyed.

Tune in again tomorrow when we finish up the media bracket with a can’t-miss face off: Home team the Washington City Paper takes on that other alt-weekly, the Washington Blade.