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The D.C. Council is getting closer to approving a gay marriage bill, The Examiner reported this week. Openly gay Councilmember Jim Graham said that same-sex marriage was just “steps away” in the District. Those steps, however, are significant ones; since Congress has oversight over D.C. Council legislation, local marriage will become a national issue. In order for conditions to be right to pass the bill, many are saying that Barack Obama must become president, the Democratic majority must be strengthened in Congress, and Prop. 8 must fail in California.

Local government, though, appears more than ready to introduce the legislation. The D.C. Council moved on Tuesday to strengthen the retirement benefits in the domestic partnerships of District police and firefighters. And the only current Councilmember who opposes gay marriage, Marion Barry, says he would support the measure anyway, “despite his personal feelings on the issue.”