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Today, we sew up the media bracket in the D.C.’s Manliest Workplace Tournament with two of the Districts alternative weeklies: The Washington City Paper and the Washington Blade. Earlier in the media contest, the Washington Times out-manlied Washingtonian, the Washington Post pwned Congressional Quarterly, and El Pregonero fell to USA today. Check out the full 64-workplace bracket here.

WASHINGTON CITY PAPER: Paper, you say? That’s right, the Washington City Paper, true to its name, still gets printed on dead trees manlyly harvested by the world’s well-muscled lumberjacks. But is its reportorial muscle as manly as the paper it’s printed on? Or have new efforts tipped the balance toward the femaleish end of the employment gender spectrum? Let’s take a look:

Publisher Amy Austin (Female, ZERO)
Editor Erik Wemple (Male, 9 points)
Ad Sales Director David J. Walker (Male, 8 points)
New Media Director Joshua Lieb (Male, 7 points)
Business Devel. Manager Sheila Alexander-Reid (Female, ZERO)
Information Technology Director Jim Gumm (Male, 6 points)
Managing Editor Andrew Beaujon (Male, 5 points)
Classified Sales Manager Heather McAndrews (Female, ZERO)
Assistant Managing Editor Jule Banville (Female, ZERO)
Senior Writer Jason Cherkis (Male, 1 point)

With a score of 36 out of 55 on the manly scale, the Washington City Paper weighs in with 65 percent manlines; not bad for a paper too bankrupt to pay those meaty male salaries. Hey, at least we’re manlier than Washingtonian.


WASHINGTON BLADE: The potential manpower of D.C.’s foremost alternative gay newspaper is obvious. But lest you have any doubts about the Blade’s manliness, allow me to indulge in one of my favorite pastimes: Dictionary journalism. Ahem. Blade, noun. 1. The flat cutting part of a sharpened weapon or tool. 2. A sword. 3. A swordsman.” Need I say more?

Publisher Lynne Brown (Female, ZERO)
Co-President & COO Mike Kitchens (Male, 9 points)
Co-President & CFO Steve Myers (Male, 8 points)
Co-President & CMO William R. Kapfer (Male, 7 points)
Director, Online Operations Kevin Smith (Male, 6 points)
Kevin Naff (Male, 5 points)
News Editor Joshua Lynsen (Male, 4 points)
Features Editor Joey DiGuglielmo (Male, 3 points)
Senior News Reporter
Lou Chibbaro Jr. (Male, 2 points)
Art Director Rob Boeger (Male, 1 point)

Oh, Brown, you’re killin’ me! The Blade‘s all-male roster suffers a serious blow with its to Still, 45 out of 55 is more than enough to swat down the pesky City Paper. But will it be competitive in the finals? Stay tuned later today for our media bracket manly round-up.


GLASS CRACK COUNT! The four women in the top ten positions at the Washington City Paper and one at the Blade bring our continuing glass crack count up to 20. That’s 20 out of 80 top-level media positions in the District of Columbia staffed by women—-a round 25 percent.