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A group of ex-gays—-people who claim they were once gay, but have turned straight—-are now also claiming they’ve been snubbed by the D.C. Office of Human Rights, The Blade‘s Lou Chibarro, Jr. reports:

Parents & Friends of Ex-Gays & Gays, a national group known as PFOX, last week announced it was “suing” the D.C. Office of Human Rights to overturn a decision that ex-gays do not belong to a protected category under the city’s Human Rights Act.

Well, that depends by what you mean by “suing.” According to Chibarro, “An office spokesperson called the PFOX announcement inaccurate, though, and noted the group filed a petition, not a lawsuit, before the D.C. Superior Court to appeal the 2005 decision.”

PFOX fired back, calling the petition “a lawsuit of sorts.”

The fake lawsuit “stems from a decision to dismiss a complaint that PFOX filed against the National Education Association,” which said that the NEA “discriminated against “ex-gays” as a class by denying a PFOX application to maintain an exhibit booth during a 2003 NEA convention.”