For the discerning online dater, picks from the Craigslist litter.

Missed Connections: Adorable guy crying and carrying a pumpkin

A: 25
S: m4m
L: Logan Circle

First Impression: Carve me a river. “I have to admit, I followed you a bit (as weird as that sounds). But I’ve never seen such a masculine looking guy with tears in his eyes in such a random way . .. You probably couldn’t wipe them away from onlookers because you had your hands full with bags and a pumpkin!?”

Accessories: Seasonal affect. “You were so cute and pitiful looking I just wanted to give you a huge hug. What was the deal with the pumpkin you were carrying??”

Heart to Heart: And I’ve got a big, big pumpkin. “don’t worry, not to sound cocky, but I think I’m in your league in terms of attractiveness.”

Photo by Teo