When the Divine Mercy Care Pharmacy opened up in Chantilly last week, it got the blessing of Pharmacists for Life International, an organization devoted to pharmacists who refuse to fill birth control prescriptions. The org’s Web site, pfli.org, claims to be “the only website serving the profession of pharmacy as a totally 100% pro-life philosophy!” But PFLI isn’t simply an informational tool; like any good Internet outlet, it thrives on:

a) hyperbole
b) cattiness

To wit: The homepage says it provides info that the “‘drive-by’ pharmacy media choose to ignore or misreport.” I didn’t even know the pharmacy media existed, much less a conspiratorial pharmacy media bent upon aborting fetuses along with The Truth. PFLI goes on to refer to wonderful feminist blog Feministing as a “radical abortoholic website.”

The best part of the Web site, though, is the “Hate Mail” section, also referred to as “Stupid Sayings.” Here, the Webmaster really gives it to the radical abortoholics who write in with their baby-killing gripes. PFLI introduces one letter by noting, it has been a little while since we got some good hate mail from these advocates of love, peace and Barrie Hussein-style Infanticide.” Another complaint receives a rating of “8 red (commie) stars on the Stupid Scale.” And another letter, written by a “law student” (scare quotes PFLI’s), receives the damning response, “Kiss your mama with that mouth?”

What professional pharmacy would want to be affiliated with this organization?