Tom Hutton (r.), Sean Baumann  pulled a caper on
Tom Hutton (r.), Sean Baumann pulled a caper on

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Last month, I wrote a story about anonymous gossip Web site Juicy Campus hitting Georgetown University. I found the GU students I talked to split between the concerned and the insincere: Some were repulsed by the site, while others refused to take the platform seriously (that’s two of Georgetown’s Juicy jokers, Sean Baumann and Tom Hutton, above). Today, the Washington Post has a piece about some Georgetown students who take the site pretty seriously. On Tuesday, Juicy Campus founder Matt Ivester took questions from students. According to reporter Susan Kinzie, those questions included:

– Why can’t you prevent people’s reputations from being smeared on your site?

– Why don’t you take down the racist comments?

– Do you know some students are so distraught about the things said about them that they might drop out of school?

– How do you sleep at night?

Ivester’s defense? “I think they’re going to have to start developing a sense of humor.”

Photo by Darrow Montgomery.