Somebody needs to help this toddler find his dinosaur costume before he loses all “faith in the fundamental goodness of humankind,” and is likely forced to turn to scantily-clad dress-’em-ups in place of imaginative whimsy. From the newhilleast Listserv:

On Monday morning, UPS left a Target box containing a toddler’s dinosaur costume on our doorstep. Sadly, someone decided to steal the package before it made it inside, thereby crushing our three-year-old’s prospects of a happy Halloween and—-most likely—-his faith in the fundamental goodness of humankind. Assuming the culprits didn’t have much use for a size 2-4 T-Rex outfit, we’d be extremely grateful if folks would be on the lookout for any discarded parcels matching that description. Unfortunately, the city’s retail establishments seem to have sold out of anything resembling dinosaur outfits, so we’re relying on your collective assistance to save our would-be tyrannosaurus from extinction.

Photo by InfoMofo.