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A friend (the one in the giant banana costume) has a great response for all the creepy and cringe-inducing pick-up lines women hear every day: Shame the pick-up artist. How You Doin? collects the worst of the worst, all in a handy tumblr. Some recent failures submitted by readers:

(I was twelve at the time) Me: (eating a torpedo ice cream bar) Grease ball in front of car garage: I wish I was that ice cream. Me: (throws the ice cream at him)


Guy at the bar: Do your feet hurt? Me: No. Guy at the bar: You ruined it! I’m smooth.


Man wearing shirt and drinking an espresso martini: Hey, how’s it going? Me: (sarcastically) Good. What is that? An espresso martini? (I turn around to give the bartender my order) Man SUDDENLY NOT WEARING SHIRT WITH EMPTY MARTINI GLASS: Bartender, can I have another? (He had spilled all over his shirt, quickly removed it, and still continued to flirt with me like nothing had happened).

Photo by glennharper.