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Last night, president-elect Barack Obama included gay Americans in his message of unity between all citizens, “rich and poor, Democrat and Republican, black, white, Latino, Asian, Native American, gay, straight.” But Obama and VP-elect Joe Biden don’t support gay marriage—-and success of several anti-gay ballot initiatives around the country mirror that distinction.

* Prop 8, the initiative that would rescind existing marriage rights from gay Californians, is set to pass.

* A similar measure in Arizona, Prop 102, is a preemptive strike against gay marriage in the state. Arizona voters passed it yesterday.

* Florida’s Amendment 2 passed with 62% voter support, banning gay marriage and also preventing gay couples from claiming many of the same civil union benefits as straight couples.

* In the most backwards initiative of the night, Arkansas voted against the right of gay couples to adopt.

Photo of San Francisco’s Castro Theater by davitydave shows Californians celebrating Obama’s victory . . . even as many lamented the poll numbers showing support for Prop 8.