There’s a lot to talk about.

* Feministing has a comprehensive round-up of ballot measures of interest to both women and gays. Overall, the results are “pro-choice, anti-gay,” with three anti-choice measures failing across America. (Feministing also throws in the anti-immigrant and anti-equal opportunity initiatives for good measure). The most ridiculous, Colorado’s Amendment 48, was shut down by 73% of voters who spoke out “against granting fertilized eggs full rights.” Whew, because you never know when you’re gonna get one of those, am I right ladies?

* Jezebel‘s Megan (and former Jezebel Moe) discuss the morning after, reflect on grown men crying. Says Megan:

I think most people had pretty good parties, from the looks of things. I was actually sort of fascinated last night, flipping channels, Juan Williams, Eugene Robinson and Roland Martin (Fox, MSNBC, and CNN, respectively) were all crying. I mean, these are men who, while not anchors, are literally quite close to the tops of their professions, and yet it took this to make them feel actually accepted, was the sense that I got. It was kind of amazing.

* Andthe folks at The Onion put a damper on all our celebration with their funnies:

As we enter a new era of equality for all people, the election of Barack Obama will decidedly be a milestone in U.S. history, undeniable proof that Americans, when pushed to the very brink, are willing to look past outward appearances and judge a person by the quality of his character and strength of his record. So as long as that person is not a woman.

* Shakesville offers “words of hope from an old queer.”

* Meanwhile, Meghan McCain, who has done a great job documenting the campaign, blogs her father’s concession speech. Here’s to hopping Meghan sets off on her own now and starts her own blog.