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The Federal Government contest continues today in D.C.’s man madness tournament—-the quest to find the D.C. institution with the most men in the highest positions. (See the full 64-workplace bracket here). Today, Bushies face off against the Benjamins as  President Bush‘s cabinet takes on the Federal Reserve Board.

PRESIDENTIAL CABINET: Historical election, shmishtorical shmeshectshion! The United States on Tuesday continued its long and glorious tradition of keeping women out of the Oval Office, unless they’re “just visiting.” But how many women have been able to sneak willy-nilly into that cramped Presidential cabinet? Let’s find out!

PresidentGeorge W. Bush (Male, 10 points)
Vice PresidentDick Cheney(Male, 9 points)
Secretary of StateCondoleezza Rice(Female, ZERO
Secretary of the TreasuryHenry Paulson
(Male, 7 points)
Secretary of DefenseRobert Gates
(Male, 6 points)
Attorney GeneralMichael Mukasey
(Male, 5 points)
Secretary of the Interior Dirk Kempthorne(Male, 4 points)
Secretary of AgricultureEd Schafer(Male, 3 points)
Secretary of Commerce Carlos Gutierrez(Male, 2 points)
Secretary of LaborElaine Chao(Female, ZERO)

Yes, we man? With 46 out of 55 points on the manly index, George Bush and his cronies register at 83 percent manliness. But how do they compare to those other dudes with way too much control over our daily lives?


FEDERAL RESERVE: Ha ha, wow, I do not envy you guys right now. Hey—-let’s see just how many guys I do not envy right now!

Chairman Ben S. Bernanke (Male, 10 points)
Vice Chairman Donald L. Kohn (Male, 9 points)
Board Member Kevin M. Warsh (Male, 8 points)
Board Member Randall S. Kroszner (Male, 7 points)
Board Member Elizabeth A. Duke (Female, ZERO)
Boston Bank President Eric S. Rosengren (Male, 5 points)
New York Bank President Timothy F. Geithner (Male, 4 points)
Philadelphia Bank President Charles I. Plosser (Male, 3 points)Cleveland Bank President Sandra Pianalto (Female, ZERO)Richmond Bank President Jeffrey M. Lacker (Male, 1 point)

That’s the money shot! After I ran down the board members, I filled out the top ten with some regional Federal Reserve bank presidents (of the 12 total, two are women). That leaves the Fed with 47 out of 55 manly points—-beating around the Bush by 1 point! Tune in again tomorrow when we finish up the Federal Government bracket—-and update our female-friendly Glass Ceiling Crack Count!

White House photo by Bethany L King; Federal Reserve photo by NCinDC.