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Last week’s Daily Beast feature which asked former Project Runway contestants to design a Michelle Obama inauguration gown—-using only ridiculous materials and some pluck—-accidentally asked the wrong Jay McCarroll to design the dress. According to Jezebel, The Beast actually contacted one Jay McCarrol, who has but one “L” in his last name, is not a well-known clothing designer, and has won no national reality television contests. McCarrol proved up to the challenge, however, taking the Beast at their word and asking a friend to sketch up a design for Michelle. McCarrol’s buddy, a 20-year-old student, came up with this pretty okay design, above, considering that the anonymous designer could only use burlap sacks and American flags as material. Tina Brown‘s new Web-first outfit recieves a warning, while the fake McCarrol’s young friend establishes herself as a front-runner for the next season of Project Runway.

UPDATE: I’d like to just comment here to clarify the headline of this post, because there’s been some confusion in the comments. I’m not calling the lovely Michelle Obama nor the talented Jay McCarroll ugly. I’m calling the dress design ugly. Proceed to rip me apart for my misguided fashion criticism.