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Daily Intel is reporting on the touchy-feely aspects of today’s meeting between President and President-elect. “Unlike past regime changes, there was no awkwardness between President-elect Barack Obama and President George W. Bush when they met at the White House this afternoon,” wrote Jessica Pressler. “How do we know? Because there was nothing between them, except a thin layer of cashmere and worsted wool. Dudes could not keep their hands off each other.”

Pressler took her cue from a Wall Street Journal piece recapping the meeting, which she described simply as “Sexy.” WSJ reported the intimate details of the meeting. “The president and his successor exchanged smiles and a handshake,” and then, “[t]aking a bit of prerogative, the president-elect put his left hand on Mr. Bush’s back as the two couples entered the Diplomatic Reception Room.” Later, 43 and 44 “strolled along the Colonnade and waved for the cameras” before retiring to the Oval Office. Bush Chief of Staff Josh Bolten assured reporters that “Bush and Obama will be the only ones in the room when they meet.”

Are you listening, Hustler?