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Today’s Wall Street Journal piece on the “Abortion Foes’ Dilemma” suggests one new obstacle facing pro-life advocates: The cause has been replaced by the en vogue anti-gay movement. Some social conservatives, Stephanie Simon writes, “fear their cause has lost its urgency as a defining issue for many voters of faith, replaced by opposition to gay marriage. In contrast to the defeated anti-abortion measures, three states passed bans on same-sex marriage last week.”

In the grand fight between the anti-abortion and anti-gays, which side will you take? There can only be one!

If you’ve chosen to fight gay marriage: The WSJ piece suggests that many in the religious right are with you in your sudden decision to fight against gays, and not for the unborn. You may feel that gay marriage, as Simon suggests, is simply “more fresh and urgent to voters than abortion, which has settled into a status quo.” In other words, you reject the staid, unchanging viewpoints of your party elders. You, like many pro-life advocates, are willing to modify your fight to reign in the nation’s women in order to target and take down an entirely new social group. You might even be so busy with your fully booked anti-gay dance card that you’ll be convinced to compromise on the abortion issue. Heck, even suspected terrorist and president-elect Barack Obama refuses to support gay marriage. One nation!

If you’ve chosen to fight abortion: You ascribe to the more traditional, classic set of social conservatives who will not be compromised by the fashionable whims of the younger, anti-gay wing of the party. You stick to your values, especially if your values include making sweeping comparisons to the Holocaust—-which, you’ll remind your young, thunder-stealing anti-gay friends, also targeted homosexuals. “It’s like saying, ‘Let’s work to make sure they kill fewer Jews in the concentration camps this year,”‘ D.C. pastor and totally reasonable individual Rev. Mark Dever told the WSJ about the abortion compromise.

So, which side are you on, conservatives?

Photo by NCinDC.