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The Manliest Workplace in D.C. Tournament continues this week as our local D.C. government institutions are placed beneath the gender microscope that is this continuing blog series! (See the full 64-workplace bracket here). Today, will the 8th-seed D.C. Public Library get Dewey Decimated by the one-seed D.C. Court of Appeals? Court is now in session!

D.C. COURT OF APPEALS: Our own bite-sized slider to the Supreme Court’s man sandwich comes recommended by one Lady Justice as a hot contender in the case for Man Madness. But will D.C.’s appellate court prove more Judge Judy than Harry Anderson? I’ll be the judge!

Chief Judge Eric T. Washington (Male, 10 points)
Associate Judge Michael W. Farrell (Male, 9 points)
Associate Judge Vanessa Ruiz (Female, ZERO)
Associate Judge Inez Smith Reid (Female, ZERO)
Associate Judge Stephen H. Glickman (Male, 6 points)
Associate Judge Noel Anketell Kramer (Male, 5 points)
Associate Judge John R. Fisher (Male, 4 points)
Associate Judge Anna Blackburne-Rigsby (Female, ZERO)
Associate Judge Phyllis D. Thompson (Female, ZERO)
Senior Judge Theodore R. Newman (Male, 1 point)

In the criminal justice system, the people are represented by two separate yet equally important groups: the men, who rack up serious points, and the women, who earn you nothing! The D.C. Court of Appeals swings both ways and ends up with a split decision: a middling man score of 35 out of 55 possible man points (63.6 percent manliness).

D.C. PUBLIC LIBRARY: D.C. Public Library is a pathetic 8th seed in the local government contest, but don’t write off this D.C. workplace too fast (heh). As a book-lending institution, the D.C. Public Library qualifies as a Traditionally Female Workplace under the Sexist‘s Affirmative Action clause. Its final score will benefit from a 10-point bump when calculations are made. Which is now!

Chief LibrarianGinnie Cooper (Female, ZERO)
Executive OfficerBridget Bradley (Female, ZERO)
Chief Business OfficerEric Coard(Male, 8 points)
Acting Dir. of Library ServicesNancy Davenport (Female, ZERO)
Assoc. Dir. of MLK Jr. Library Pamela Stovall (Female, ZERO)
Assoc. Dir. for Neighborhood Lib.Chang Liu(Female, ZERO)
Acting Assoc. Dir. for CollectionsElissa Miller(Female, ZERO)
Director of Human ResourcesEllen Flaherty(Female,ZERO)
Director of Marketing and Comm.Karen Saverino (Female, ZERO)
Chief Contracting OfficerWayne Minor (Male, 1 points)

Party on, Wayne! Even with the 10-point cheater bonus, the D.C. Public Library, at 19 points, is a veritable encyclopedia of the ladies. So while the workplace works hard to smash a few extra cracks into D.C.’s glass ceiling with every book it checks out, it’s not going to be checking out any more rounds of this contest. Later, nerds!

Gavel by Thomas Roche; photo of MLK Library by dbking.