Slate‘s year-old female blog, the wonderful XX Factor, will come of age this spring when it blossoms into a beautiful full-fledged Web ‘zine. The project shall be known henceforth as Double X, and those who want to offer up ideas, writers, or a managing editor can make their case at A full description of Slate‘s “post-election adventure,” after the jump.

In the spirit of post-election adventure, Slate is starting to work on a new web magazine: Double X. A magazine by women but not just for women, Double X will spin out from our XX Factor blog, where we’ve started a conversation among women—about politics, sex, and culture—that both men and women enjoy listening in on. The new site will do all this and more. It will take the Slate and XX Factor sensibility and apply it to sexual politics, fashion, parenting, health, science, sex, friendship, work-life balance, and anything else you might talk about with your friends over coffee. We’ll tackle subjects high and low with an approach that’s unabashedly intellectual but not dry or condescending. The blog will be at the heart of the site, but we’ll also publish essays, reporting, and other features.