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This afternoon, Andrew Ferguson and Premal Dharia, attorneys for Vasile Graure—-accused of alighting Glover Park strip club Good Guyslast year——cross-examined Good Guys employee Kathleen Lazorchack, the only manager on duty the night of the fire.

During the examination, Ferguson and Dharia questioned Lazorchack about an ABC investigation into the club that occurred following last year’s fire. “If you had served an intoxicated man, the club could have lost its liquor license . . . if Good Guys shut down, you would be out of a job, and you’ve been there for 15 years.” After several more minutes of questioning, Ferguson stated, “You knew that the fire happened on your watch, and you’d prefer that police officers weren’t hanging around the club—-at least not while on duty, is that correct?” Lazorchack responded that that was correct. “Well, let’s be real, like, there are other things that go on at Good Guys,” he said. The prosecution objected to the question. The objection was sustained. After approaching the bench, the defense ended the cross-examination of Lazorchack.

When the prosecution again questioned Lazorchack, she spoke of the monkey-making potential of work inside a strip club. In a fifteen minute set, a dancer can make “zero to an endless amount of money,” Lazorchack says. Once, she saw a dancer make $700 in 15 minutes—-from one customer.

Vasile Graure wasn’t such a big spender, but he was “making a show” of paying the dancers before being kicked out for taking a photo, Lazorchack testified. “There was money on the table, and money falling onto the stage from the table,” says Lazorchack. “It wasn’t in a stack. It was all over.” Lazorchack says she assumed the bills were dollars.