Second district D.C. police officer Robert Fennell, Jr., was on duty on the night of the fire. He testified today in court about responding to a report of the blaze. After he arrived on the scene, he says, he spoke to officers who were at the club before going behind back and seeing Djordjevic. “He wasn’t responding to any of my questions,” Fennell says. “He had that thousand-mile stare. He was like something out of a Roadrunner cartoon, where Wyle E. Coyote was just blown up by the Roadrunner, with dynamite.”

Fennell also testified as to why there might have been a Secret Service agent outside the club when he arrived: Good Guys backs up against the Naval Observatory. “Where the Vice President resides,” Fennell says. Secret Service officers routinely patrol the Glover Park neighborhood for that reason, Fennell says. In all, Secret Service, police, ambulance, and fire department officials responded to the blaze, while employees and bystanders stood around in shock, Fennell says.

“I can’t recall any of the faces, but I do remember some of the females, consoling each other and crying,” Fennell says.