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The Manliest Workplace in D.C. Tournament marches on toward the halfway point this week (See the full 64-workplace bracket here). The D.C. government bracket slogs on today as the Water and Sewage Administration faces off against Fenty’s finest. Sewage handlers versus the executive branch—-a natural match-up, no?

So, “DCWASA is a multi-jurisdictional regional utility that provides drinking water, wastewater collection and treatment to more than 500,000 residential, commercial and governmental customers in the District of Columbia.” But does it also throw the women out with the wastewater? Let’s find out!

Chairman Robin B. Martin (Male, 10 points)
General Manager Jerry N. Johnson (Male, 9 points)
Acting CFO Olu Adebo (Male, 8 points)Acting Chief Engineer Leonard R. Benson (Male, 7 points)
Assistant General Manager Barbara A. Grier (Female, ZERO)
Assistant General Manager Charles Kiely (Male, 5 points)
Principal Member Daniel M. Tangherlini (Male, 4 points)
Principal Member F. Alexis H. Roberson (Female, ZERO)
Principal Member Alan J. Roth (Male, 2 points)
Principal Member Keith M. Stone (Male, 1 point)

Swish! With 46 out of a possible 55, WASA sure doesn’t put its manpower to “waste.” Get it? Waste? Because they deal with human shit for a living.


FENTY’S CABINET: Wow, heh, two pages of Fenty appointees? How am I supposed to rank Office of Ex-Offender Affairs director Rodney C. Mitchell in relation to Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs Director Linda K. Argo? Who came up with this contest anyway? Oh well, if your bracket gets messed up please direct your displeasure to this organizational chart [PDF!!!]:

Mayor Adrian Fenty (Male, 10 points, hey, why not)
Acting Attorney General Peter Nickles (Male, 9 points)
Chief Financial Officer Natwar M. Gandhi(Male, 8 points)
Inspector General Charles J. Willoughby(Male, 7 points)
Deputy Mayor Neil O. Albert(Male, 6 points)
Deputy Mayor Victor Reinoso(Male, 5 points)
State Superintendent of Ed. Deborah A. Gist(Female, ZERO)
Public Schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee(Female, ZERO)
City Administrator Dan Tangherlini(Male, 2 points)
Chief of Staff Carrie Brooks (Female, ZERO)

With 47 out of 55 points, Fenty and company register an impressive 85% manliness—-and flush WASA by one point! Stay tuned tomorrow when the fire department takes on the police! It’s just like a grade school career fair over here!

Sewer kitten by Michael Cornelius; Fenty by intothelens4149.